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Early in the history of the YMCA, its leaders and donors recognized the need for Endowment Funds. These funds provide ongoing support for the YMCA as it builds character and values while strengthening families and the community. Endowment funds make certain that the traditions and the mission of the YMCA will be fulfilled regardless of future economic and social change.


The Heritage Society was established in 1998 to increase awareness of the YMCA's Endowment Funds and recognize individuals who have chosen to ensure the work of the Mount Desert Island YMCA continues through outright or planned gifts to the Endowment Fund.


There are a variety of ways to remember the YMCA. It can be as simple as writing a check, giving appreciated stock, or naming the YMCA as beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Gifts may be restricted to a specific YMCA program, or if unrestricted, your gift gives the YMCA the flexibility to help areas of greatest need.


Through careful financial planning, the tax advantages of a gift can be substantial. Regardless of the type of gift, it should be structured to provide financial security for the donor and his or her family, as well as maximize the impact for the YMCA and the community.


While there may be others in the community who have included the YMCA in their estate plans, members of the Heritage Society have notified the YMCA of their intentions. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Heritage Society, please contact the Executive Director of the Mount Desert Island YMCA at


*The following information is general in nature. Before making any decision, please consult an attorney or financial advisor to ensure your own and your family's financial security.


Make an immediate donation and take a charitable deduction as provided for by law.


Appreciated Assets
Contribute appreciated assets, such as stock, real estate or personal property to the YMCA, and receive a charitable deduction equal to the current value of the assets without Capital Gains Taxes.


Life Insurance
Contribute a policy that is no longer needed to protect the current beneficiaries and receive a charitable deduction for the cash value of the policy.


Include the YMCA in a will and reduce estate taxes. Fixed amounts, specific assets, or percentages of the estate may be specified. Or name the YMCA as recipient of your estate, after all other expenses and specific contributions have been met.


Establish a form of Charitable Trust Annuity that provides the donor with a fixed or variable lifetime income and receive a charitable deduction at the same time.


Real Estate
Donate real estate to the YMCA, and enjoy the benefits of ownership for life, while getting a charitable deduction immediately.

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