The Annual Aquathon is the largest fundraiser put on by the MDI YMCA Sharks Swim Team. This fundraiser directly supports the swimmers by supplementing program fees, allowing the Sharks to offer low program costs. The Sharks learn about the importance of fundraising for the Y and learn about the responsibility they have towards each other to ensure that teammates and community youth members are given the opportunity to swim. #YouthDevelopment #SocialResponsibility 

WHEN: Superbowl Sunday 2020

WHERE: Mount Desert Island YMCA

TIME: 7:30am-1:30pm

Swimmers are tasked with asking their friends, neighbors, family, and local businesses to support their efforts. Each Shark is asked to raise at least $125 to support the team. 

Pledges can be made in flat sums or an amount per lap. (For example, $0.50 per lap x 150 laps = $75 pledge).

Pledges should be recorded on the pledge sheets handed out at practice and/or online at the MDI Y Aquathon 2019. Pledge Sheets need to be filled out with the donor's name and address.* Donors requesting a receipt need to state 'YES' in the column provided on the pledge sheet. The MDI YMCA will provide donors with a receipt if all the information is properly recorded. You can also give online directly through the MDI YMCA's donation portal. Just designate the "campaign" as Aquathon 2019.

The Aquathon Committee will have 5 collection dates: January 30, February 13, and February 27. February 27 is the deadline to turn in all pledges

*Shark Members and other participants need to make sure that the pledge sheet accurately reflects the actual money collected in order to receive credit for Aquathon prizes. Checks should be made out to the MDI YMCA with Aquathon 2020 in the "For" line with the name of the swimmer the donor has pledge towards. Cash and Checks made for the Aquathon but not designated towards a specific swimmer will still be placed in the Aquathon Fund, but the swimmer will not be credited.