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Aquathon is the largest fundraiser that directly supports the Sharks Swim Team. It keeps the program costs low by supplementing program fees. Our goal is to raise MON$Y this year. 


Aquathon will be held on February 4. Everyone participating in Aquathon may swim during the event. If you are unable to swim on that day, you may swim anytime from January 31 – February 29. We ask that swimmers seek support from various sources. Family, neighbors, friends and local businesses are great sources to help with the Aquathon. We ask that every Shark raise at least $125 to support the program. Community members who participate are asked to raise at least $50 to support the cause. 

Pledges can be a flat sum or an amount per lap completed. For example $0.50 per lap times 150 laps = $75 pledge. 

Pledges can be made online or the money should be given to swimmers' parents.

Checks should be made payable to the MDI YMCA Sharks. 

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