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Children up to age 9 are welcome to attend YMCA programs and community events with adult supervision. Children under grade 4 are not allowed to be inside our YMCA unsupervised without being registered for a program. 


Gymnasium- Children ages 9+ are allowed to use Court #1 only when available.


Track - Children under age 12 may only be on the track when directly supervised by an adult/guardian on the track.

Fitness equipment on the track is not to be used by children under age 12 as it is not sized for their bodies.

Children age 9+ and/or 4th grade and older may use the track and equipment with appropriate footwear.


Fitness Center- Children under age 12 are not permitted in the fitness center.

Children ages 12-14 may use the fitness center after completing a session of Fit Kids OR when directly supervised by a parent/guardian.

Unsupervised use of the fitness center is for those aged 14+ and/or 9th grade and above.

Orientations to the fitness center are recommended for all users and can be set up through the front desk or the Health and Wellness Director.


These guidelines are to keep people safe, failure to abide by the rules may result in a child being asked to be picked up, asked not to return to the YMCA and/or membership being terminated.

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