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The MDI YMCA Shark Swim Team is divided into three different competitive levels based on age and swim experience. The levels were created to allow the swim team to be more inclusive to the children of the island community while ensuring that each child swims at his or her ability level to build confidence as they grow and improve. 




The Green Team is for the younger and less experienced Shark swimmers. The practices introduce the team members to the fundamentals of competitive swimming. The children are taught the four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Practices are held 3-days a week with the hope that most Sharks make at least 2 per week. 


AGES 10 - 14


The Gold Team is returning and more experienced Shark swimmers. Practices reinforce the proper techniques for all the components of competitive swimming: the 4 strokes, starts, turns, and streamlining. Most practices include work on a specific skill each day; swimming sets to build endurance, and developing the speed to races. Practices are held 5-days a week and swimmers are encourages to make 3 each week. 




The Senior Team is for high school students and the advanced Gold Team member. Practices are held when the high school team is not in season, in the morning including the Saturday practice, and on days when the high school practice is not held. Senior members are encouraged to come at least 4 times a week with some swimmers swimming 7 or 8 practices a week. Training is focused on developing the endurance, speed, and skills necessary to compete at a high level at the end of season meets in February and March. Past Senior Team Sharks have represented the Mount Desert Island YMCA at YMCA Nationals in Greensboro, NC. 

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