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Rhythmic Gymnastics at the MDI YMCA is perfect for those kids who show an interest in both dance and tumbling. Rhythmic Gymnastics combines elements of dance and gymnastics to create an elegant sport enjoyed by many. The MDI YMCA program follows the "Rainbow Rhythmic" recreational program developed by Rhythmic Dreams/Boston Rhythmic. Kids in the program progress through levels designated by rainbow colors with each level requiring more difficult skills and longer routines. 

Contact Coach Lynne Staggs for general information about the program. Children must be Y Members in order to compete. 

Pink Level

AGES 6-8

Children with no previous dance or gymnastics experience will do their best at this level. Pink Level gymnasts will learn an apparatus free floor routine as well as either a ball, hoop, or rope routine. Students will have ONE 1.25 hour class per week. The cost for the year is $225. Auto-draft options available.

Red Level


Children with some dance or gymnastics experience and ages 8 and over will do their best at this level. Gymnasts will learn a free floor routine and then one or two apparatus routines. Red level gymnastics practice between 2-4 hours a week. There will be one required 2 hour practice per week and then a second optional day. The cost for the year is $225 for one class/week and $450 for two classes/week. Auto-draft options available.

Orange Level and Above


For current gymnasts and new students who have an extensive background in gymnastics or dance. Gymnasts perform a free floor routine and have the choice of 1 or 2 additional routines using ball, hoop, rope, clubs, or ribbons. Routines are choreographed for each individual gymnast rather than for all kids at the same level. Gymnasts at this level are more independent and can choose either one or two practices per week. the cost for the year is $225 for one practice/week and $450 for two practices/week. Auto-draft options available.

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